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These training sessions are more effective for our clients than large workout classes. Typical classes at other fitness centers may include 20 or more participants and only one instructor. At F3 Fitness, however, our approach is much more personal, with no more than eight students to one instructor. This smaller class size helps ensure properly executed exercises.

Our small group training approach combines the advantages of training in a group with the personalized attention received during a one-on-one session. These classes are big enough to be enjoyable, but small enough to ensure excellence. At F3 Fitness, we love the entertaining and challenging nature of group dynamics. Every small group training session with F3 Fitness is an all-encompassing noncompetitive workout. Our goal with these sessions is to put you with people who have similar goals and encourage you to support one another. Achieving fitness goals is much easier when you have classmates and an instructor who are rooting for you to succeed.

We design each class to help you get the most out of your workout session. The class begins with a dynamic warm-up to increase heart rate and circulation gradually, loosening joints and increasing blood flow to the muscles. This warm-up leads into a workout that incorporates advanced rehab exercises with strength, core, and high-intensity interval training. The class ends with a cool-down that allows your heart rate and breathing to return to resting levels.

Our classes are designed for all fitness levels, so you can always feel free to work with the group or move at your own pace. Again, our supportive noncompetitive environment allows for total customization of your workout. No matter which class you take, we guarantee a workout that is fun, dynamic, and challenging. You will experience a new workout each day.

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