personal_training_with_chiropractorHave you had an issue with your shoulders, lower back, neck or knees that stop you from consistently working out on your own?

Have you ever seen a chiropractor for said issues? If you have, you may have been “prescribed” certain exercises to do at home to heal and strengthen the injured area as exercise is typically part of a chiropractic care plan.

If injuries are hindering your exercise regime, consider taking personal training classes with a chiropractor 2 or 3 days a week.

Here are three benefits of personal training with a chiropractor:

  1. The extensive background/education that a chiropractor has far exceeds the traditional personal trainer certification.
  2. Working out with a chiropractor, you will be able to incorporate traditional exercises with modifications to maximize your fitness benefit without injuring yourself.
  3. Chiropractors have the knowledge and ability able to safely work with clients who are returning to exercise after surgery.

At F3 Fitness, we have worked with clients after cervical spine fusion, lumbar discectomy, meniscus surgeries, abdominal surgery, foot surgery making modifications to facilitate strengthening while avoiding re-injuring the repaired area.

Some recent testimonials from our “injured” clients:

“The trainers are very experienced in and attuned to injury prevention and working around an existing injury. This is part of the reason I’ve been able to consistently come here so long.”

“The training can be modified to work around an injury. Highly recommend F3 Fitness!”

If you’d like to learn more about working out with a chiropractor, contact us.