Perhaps the most misunderstood and misused term in fitness is core strength.  Searching for core strength images produces hundreds of images of six pack abs.  Unfortunately, the muscle that creates six pack abs (rectus abdominus) has a limited effect on “Core Strength”.   

So, what is the core and what is core strength? 

The core consists of the deep muscle of the abdomen (transverse abdominis), Pelvic Floor muscles, the diaphragm and the deep muscles of the low back (lumbar multifidus) and internal obliques. 

Core Strength refers to the ability of the “core muscles” to work together combined with flexibility allowing movement throughout your day without injuring your back. 

Why is Core Strength Important? 

Core strength creates the stability throughout the low back and pelvis which allows someone to move, lift, bend, run, etc without injuring ligaments, intervertebral discs and joints. 

Benefits of Core Strength 

  •  Activities of Daily Living: Core strength allows efficient movements including bending, standing, sitting, lifting, walking, raking leaves, shoveling snow with a decreased risk of injury. 
  • Healthy Low Back:  Core strength reduces the risk of low back pain. 
  • Sports/Recreational Activities:  Core Strength will allow for improved performance in sports and decreased chance of injury while playing sports. 
  • Balance:  Core Strength decreases the risk of falling 
  • Good Posture:  Core strength creates good postures. 

So if you are looking to reach a fitness goal or want to incorporate core strength into your workouts, check out our small group classes and one on one sessions.  Learn proper technique and get results!