Did you know that breaks at work have been shown to help us improve our focus and make us more productive? Short burst of moderated intensity exercise also clear our mind and allow us to refocus, improving the speed of cognition.

Put those together and we have a winner! Take more breaks at work and follow our tips to sneak in some more exercise while doing it. 

F3 fitness’s tips: 

  1. Take the stairs whenever possible…..you burn 2 calories per flight of stairs, so if you climb 4 flights of stairs to your office that’s another 8 calories. While it doesn’t seem like much, over the course of the year and it adds up to 2920 calories 
  2. Waiting at your kids after school activities…..walk around, squat in place…..just keep moving…we know what it’s like to sit at some practice for an hour three times per week….That’s 156 hours of sitting still over a year…or better yet that’s 156 hours you could be moving?! 
  3. Park your car in farther away in a parking lot…if you walk just one extra mile over a week doing this, you burn an extra 100 calories.  
  4. Why not leave the car at home? Commute to work via foot or bike. 
  5. Take those meetings outside, a walking meeting is very productive.